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    Agadir Weather for April 2022

    What's the weather like in Agadir in April

    April may technically be the start of spring but in Agadir most holiday travellers would consider summer had arrived. The UV index jumps up to 9 which is considered high and those on holiday will need protection when outdoors.

    Average Sunlight Hours

    April averages 11 hours of sunlight each day and you might see at most two days during the month with some wispy morning fog.

    Daylight Hours

    By the end of the month the sun is rising at 6 AM and setting at 7 PM.

    Cloud Cover

    Skies are partly cloudy to clear over 50% of the time with only a handful of days in the month were clouds predominate.


    The average daily high temperature in Agadir is a pleasantly warm 22°C. The highest ever recorded temperature for April was 41°C. Average daily lows jump two degrees higher from March and averages 12°C, so at most a light jacket or sweater at night is required.

    Average Sea Temperature

    Ocean temperatures remain like March on average 17°C.

    Since the weather starts to become considerably warmer at this time of the year and the sun shines longer and longer each day, the few days any precipitation that may fall dries up quickly.


    The average amount of rainfall this month in Agadir is 26 mm over 4 days. You have less than a 3% chance to see a quick moving thunderstorm sometime during the month.


    The most humid days of the year occur in early April at around 93%, with the average relative humidity for the month at around 67%. However when you calculate in the air temperature, the dew point averages 10°C which is very comfortable.


    Light breezes dominate throughout the mouth and average 7mph.

    It may not be the summer tourist season yet, but this is still a popular time of the year to visit Agadir for anyone looking to enjoy sunny and warm weather on their break.

    Agadir Hotels in April

    As this is outside of tourism season, you may well find you can bag yourself a bargain when booking your accommodation too. Try the Iti Hotel and Beach Club Agadir. Considered a 4 star accommodation and located right off the promenade with an excellent sandy beach, rooms can had for as little as 36 pounds sterling per night. There is even an all-inclusive option.

    Another great place to stay for families is the Kenzi Europa. Prices are reasonable and most reviews very favourable.  This hotel offers a wide array of water sports, pools, water slides, entertainment centres and spa.

    Agadir Beach for April

    If you get tired of the civilised beaches, just south of Agadir several wild beaches dominate the landscape. Tifnit, a small fishing village, has incredible sand dunes that go on for over 4km.  Beyond Tifnit is Sidi Moussa d'Aglou and Sidi Ifini and the surfing mecca of Mirleft.  Much of the beach is fine white sand and in Mirleft the huge waves crashing in from the Atlantic rival those found along any other famous surfer hangouts.

    There are plenty of places to stay nearby if you don't want to be right in the centre of the Agadir resort area. The Riad des Golfe is midway between one of the attractive local golf courses and ocean.  A five star hotel, there are shuttles provided to the beaches.

    If you are a surfer, then the Hotel Sidi Ifini is a great choice with reasonable rates even in the height of summer.

    Agadir beach, just south of the tourist section of town, is one of the most highly rated beaches around.  Clean with clear blue water, it is the primary reason that beach lovers go to Agadir. No need to travel far for food or drink as bars and restaurants abound.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Even for vegetarians there are plenty of places to eat in Agadir.  Many traditional Moroccan foods are vegetarian. One well known place is the Via Veneto which serves Italian and Moroccan dishes. There are also plenty of variety for carnivores including fish and pasta. There is even Wifi service provided free of charge.

    The Restaurant du Port or Yacht Club, located as its name suggests right by the harbour in Agadir, has good solid fare for reasonable prices. Quiet and clean, like most places in Agadir the views are wonderful.

    If your children crave fast food, there is even a pizza hut by the corniche making it easy to access from the beach front. An American McDonalds is also close by.

    For a taste of home, the English Pub off Agadir beach serves lunch and dinner every day and has karaoke every night.

    Things to do in Agadir in April

    If you want to be able to get around on your own cheaply and not rely on taxis or public transportation, then renting a motorbike might be the answer. Joua Tours will not only rent you a motorbike but deliver it to your hotel or even the airport.

    When the children need a break from the beach or pool, the Vallee des Oiseaux is located right in Agadir.  Entrance to the zoo is free.  It is open daily from 11AM until 6PM. The Bert Flint Museum is also a favourite and is located by the industrial quarter of the city.

    Another favourite for children is the Agadir mini train is a great way to view the city.  The ride takes about 50 minutes and cost 5 pounds per adult.

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