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The weather in Santa Susanna is now 9°C (48°F) and is sunny. The rest of this morning the temperature will rise to 14°C (57°F). This afternoon’s weather in Santa Susanna will be sunny with temperatures rising to 15°C (59°F). This evening’s weather in Santa Susanna will be clear with temperatures falling to 10°C (50°F) and the sun will set at 8:09 pm. Check the forecast page for further information.

Santa Susanna
Monday 27 March 00:00 CEST | 22:00 UTC+2h
Mon27 Mar
Tue28 Mar
Wed29 Mar
Thu30 Mar
Fri31 Mar
Sat1 Apr
Sun2 Apr
UK TIME:00:20
Average for March:17 °C
Temp feels like:11 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1019 hPa

Wind Speed:0 MPH CLM
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Weather overview for Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna is a small coastal town on Spain’s Costa Maresme in Catalonia. The town sits in the northeast of the country just above the Costa Brava and lies approximately 64km up the coast from Barcelona.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and Massif Montnegre woods, the forecast of long hot summers and magnificently mild winters ensure this is an attractive location for locals and tourists alike.

The region is known for its great summer weather, high temperatures and beautiful long beaches. Plentiful sunshine makes Santa Susanna the perfect summer holiday destination. And the warm surrounding seas help to keep winter temperatures beautifully mild.

Coastal areas of Spain, including Santa Susanna, are nowhere near as cold as inland regions during winter months, offering a beautiful climate for visitors at any time of the year.

Annual rainfall in the area is relatively low. Around 700mm of rain falls every year and is spread quite evenly across all the months. This means no period is significantly wet. However, on average, the summer is the driest time of the year with more rain expected in late spring and the latter part of the autumn season.

Summer in Santa Susanna

Summer is when tourists flock to Santa Susanna and this once sleepy village comes alive with people from all over Europe enjoying the sunshine on the excellent beaches.

The summer weather usually lasts from June to September when average temperatures sit in the 20’s throughout the period.

July and August are the hottest months of the year and can see daily highs reaching 29°C. With up to 13 hours of daily sunshine throughout the summer, this provides beautiful beach weather almost every day in Santa Susanna.

Night time temperatures remain in the high teens during summer months, offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wealth of nightlife that is on offer both under cover and in the open air.

Summer heat waves can bring much hotter temperatures to Santa Susanna, sometimes up into the high 30’s and even hotter. Thankfully, the coastal location means a cooling breeze will often sweep through the town, providing relief from the most extreme weather conditions.

As well as cool sea air, the Tramonata winds will also bring cool temperatures down from the Pyrenees Mountains in the north. This provides a much more refreshing feel when the wind direction changes.

Rainfall is low and unlikely to disturb you within the summer months. The driest month of the year is usually July with just under 38mm average rainfall. Other summer months expect to see around 55-62mm of rain. But with most of the rain falling in short heavy showers, even if it does rain during the day, the weather clears up quickly and offers another beautiful day in Northern Spain.

Humidity can be an issue in more sheltered areas that do not benefit from the cool coastal breeze. It is therefore wise to choose accommodation with air conditioning or fans to ensure the air is always moving. But when you want glorious summer sun in an equally fabulous location, summer in Santa Susanna is simply magnificent.

Autumn in Santa Susanna

Autumn is the ideal time to visit Santa Susanna to enjoy some late summer sun whilst avoiding the peak crowds and high temperatures of the main summer season.

However, as autumn progresses, there is likely to be a higher chance of rain than in the core part of summer.

Both October and November usually experience around 80mm of rain during each month and are the months most likely to experience some storms. However the many visitors to the area find that this increase in precipitation clears the air during the autumn season and ensures better weather is to follow.

Average highs in autumn range from 22°C in October to 16°C in November, which is far warmer than more inland parts of Spain, such as Pamplona. It is also far better than the weather experienced back home.

The sea also retains the summer heat well into autumn ensuring that, even on overcast days, the warm waters are still very inviting.

Winter in Santa Susanna

Winters are generally mild in Santa Susanna mainly thanks to the coastal location of this beautiful resort.

Temperatures inland can frequently drop below 0°C in northern and central Spain. However, in Santa Susanna the months from December to February see average temperatures of around 8°C. Daytime highs rise to 13°C or 14°C during this period, ensuring frost and snow are very rarely seen.

Night time lows can drop to a chilly 2°C, however this is still far milder that most of inland Spain and most of Northern Europe.

If you want a traditional white Christmas, then Santa Susanna is definitely not the place to go. But for people who want to avoid the cold winter weather and enjoy a much more welcoming climate, this coastal town is very inviting.

In terms of rainfall, you can expect some wet weather during the winter season, but with precipitation averaging 50-60mm a month, storms are not a common occurrence.

Winter days still average 7 to 8 hours of sunshine which is a great improvement on the gloomy days seen in the UK. And with sea temperatures never falling below approximately 13°C, don’t be surprised to see some of the more hardened locals taking their daily exercise down on the beach.

Occasionally, the Tramonata winds can bring colder weather down from the Pyrenees and it can feel significantly cooler in the most exposed areas. Strong winds can also occur along the coast in winter making any daily constitutional very bracing. But, on average, there is never a harsh winter in San Susanna, ensuring a far more consistent climate than that back in the UK.

Spring in Santa Susanna

Spring breaks early in Santa Susanna with most of the winter over and done with by the time February comes to an end. And by mid-March, there are some definite signs that summer is on its way.

Though the spring climate does bring an increase in the chance of rain compared to December and January, the extra moisture offers the perfect opportunity for all the indigenous flowers to start to bud.

As spring continues, average daily temperatures start to improve. And by May you can expect the temperature to reach the low/mid 20’s almost every day.

While the sea temperature in spring suffers thanks to the cooler winter weather, it is not long before the warmth of the sun starts to see conditions improve. Average temperatures of 15°C are expected in the sea by April, increasing to 18°C by the time May is out.

Bright sunny weather makes spring the ideal time to enjoy walking, hiking or cycling in Santa Susanna. With up to 9 hours of daily sunshine expected in March, this then increases by an hour a month for the rest of the spring.

Spring is the ideal time to enjoy a much fresher side of Santa Susanna before that warm sun transforms the town for another long hot summer season.

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Historical temperatures for 27th March in Santa Susanna

Average High15°C
Record High18°C (2015)
Average Low6°C
Record Low3°C (2015)