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Local time: 19th Apr 04:05

Weather Averages for Menorca in September

image Temperature 73°F


image Low Temperature 66°F


image High Temperature 79°F


image Sunshine Hours 12 hrs
image Rainfall 50mm
Rainfall days 10 days
image Sea Temperature 0°F


Averages for Menorca in September

The warm, seasonal weather is continuing in September, however, the temperatures have dropped slightly from the peaks experienced in preceding months.

The cooler weather also brings with it a higher chance of rain, and thus higher humidity, with less sun seen each day.

It is still tourist season in September, though, so expect a busy and bustling atmospere if you are in Menorca at this time of the year.

The average daily temperature in Menorca is this month is 21°C (70°F), reaching highs of 24°C (75°F) and dropping to an average low of 18°C (64°F).

The average amount of sun seen each day in Menorca in this month is 7 hours per day.

The average humidity at this time of year is73 %.

Menorca sees on average 55 mm over 6 days of rain fall throughout this month.

The average temperature of the sea in this month is 24°C.

Saint Catalina is honoured with Processio de la Beata, held at the beginning of the month. For this, people dress up in folk costume and take part in floats and parades.

On September the 11th,
Diada de Catalunya is a national holiday celebrated throughout Spain.

Festa des Vermar is a grape harvest festival that is celebrated with concerts and floats towards the end of the month.

Also at the end of the month is Festa del Melo. Held on the same day as the grape festival, this is a watermelon festival that celebrates the end of the harvest. 

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