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Tuesday 28 February
16:52 GMT
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About St thomas

About St thomas

Located as a county apart of the district of the Virgin Islands; St Thomas is small but inquisitive island located in the Caribbean Sea. With close proximity to the British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, St Thomas ensures a pleasurable vacation for visitors to enjoy a taste of genuine Caribbean institution.

With locality far enough south in the heart of the Caribbean; St Thomas guarantees your winter vacation will not be spoilt by unexpected frosts or unseasonable cold spells. The typical weather is extremely enjoyable year round, it has in fact been written as an autonomous study by the Government of the United States. This review states that one of St Thomas’s finest characteristics is the constant trade winds alluring in from east, never being too cold or too hot. The climate varies only five to seven degrees from the coolest to the warmer time of the year concluded the report that the mean temperature throughout the wintertime is approximately 25ºC!

St Thomas experiences supreme summer climates all year round which promise ideal holiday weather every day of the year. Annual average temperatures range from 22ºC to 32ºC, and can be featured at any time of the year. As the sun shines endlessly every day and climates are tempered by warm coastal breezes that embrace the shore. So some, one day in St Thomas is absolute paradise! The everlasting tropical climate shows very little seasonal variation in both air and sea temperatures. Yet, to some extent there is less humidity during the summer months of August and September. Climates inland will typically lower slightly because of the increase of altitude and decrease of humidity. Many regions throughout the Caribbean have a distinct dry and wet season, however in St Thomas, this isn’t the case. The island experiences no discrete rainy season and when the yearly precipitation is obtained, shower a sharp and brisk. Water throughout the entire country of St Thomas is therefore rather limited.


Over a yearly basis the country of St Thomas and also surrounding regions do not receive much rain. When rainfall is obtained it will most likely come in the form of a short, brisk but cooling shower that helps break the scorching temperatures of the Caribbean sun. The months of May, August, September, October and November will commonly see the most rainfall. However these showers are tropical, lasting no longer than two or three minutes. This doesn’t even allow enough time for visitors to pack their pack and get off the beach.

Alike all regions in the Caribbean, St Thomas is in the path of hurricanes, of course throughout the hurricane season. With hurricanes most likely to hit during the months of August and September, hurricane season typically runs from the first day of June until the last day of November. Nevertheless, advanced technology nowadays gives tourists the benefit of keeping up to date with weather changes and hurricane formations. The islanders for example never wait around for the storms to bypass; they will prepare in advance to protect their homes, personal belongings and businesses. Therefore you are able to plan your holiday well in advance to avoid these disastrous storms. 

Sea Temperatures

Water temperatures throughout the coast of St Thomas are extremely pleasant all year round. Even though the variation of sea temperatures from summer to winter changes only slightly, visitors will often here locals complaining of the cool ocean during the colder months. Throughout the summer the average sea temperatures will linger around 28ºC, whereas in winter the average temperatures will descend to 25ºC. This evidentially ensures a year round vacation hot spot, especially for those visiting from the icy climates typical of Europe. 

Outdoor Lesuires – All Year Round

With thanks to its ever present sunny and warm climate, St Thomas assures outdoor activities that will impress visitors at any time of the year. Snorkelling or scuba diving are some of the regions most favourable water activities and are at their peak throughout April and August when the seas are calm and can promise water visibility extending for miles. For those who fancy a day hiking, the year round warm climate allows tourist to discover the beautiful inland regions of St Thomas at any time of the year.

Visitors should always remember that from December to May is the islands busiest and highest time of the year. This is due to many the European visitors and tourists from other locations in the northern hemisphere wanting to escape the cooler winters, elsewhere. It is recommended to visit during months outside of the peak season, as you can still enjoy various water activities and temperatures are still pleasant.

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