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25 Oct

Local Time: 18:13 CEST UK Time: 17:13 BST
NE 8mph
  • Sunrise 07:11
  • Sunset 17:49
  • Moonrise 08:33
  • Moonset 18:57
Temp feels like: 59°F (15°C)
Length of Day: 9h 07m
Humidity: 41 %
Dew Point: 36°F (2°C)
Pressure: 29.98 " (1015 hpa)

Average for October: 64°F (18°C)

  • Flag of CroatiaDubrovnik 59°F (15°C) 8 miles 12 km
  • Flag of CroatiaMljet 59°F (15°C) 10 miles 16 km
  • Flag of CroatiaZaton Mali 59°F (15°C) 12 miles 19 km
  • Flag of CroatiaKolocep 59°F (15°C) 12 miles 20 km
  • Flag of CroatiaLopud Island 59°F (15°C) 16 miles 25 km
  • Flag of MontenegroHerceg novi 61°F (16°C) 19 miles 30 km
  • Flag of MontenegroTivat 61°F (16°C) 27 miles 43 km
  • Flag of MontenegroKotor 61°F (16°C) 30 miles 49 km
  • Flag of MontenegroBudva 61°F (16°C) 38 miles 61 km
  • Flag of Serbia and MontenegroBecici 61°F (16°C) 40 miles 64 km
  • Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaMedjugorje 61°F (16°C) 50 miles 81 km
  • Flag of MontenegroPodgorica 59°F (15°C) 54 miles 87 km
  • Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaMostar 59°F (15°C) 56 miles 90 km
  • Flag of CroatiaKorcula 59°F (15°C) 58 miles 94 km
  • Flag of CroatiaPrnici 59°F (15°C) 63 miles 102 km
  • Flag of MontenegroUlcinj 57°F (14°C) 68 miles 109 km
  • Flag of CroatiaMakarska 54°F (12°C) 78 miles 125 km
  • Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaSarajevo 46°F (8°C) 85 miles 137 km
  • Flag of CroatiaBrac 61°F (16°C) 94 miles 150 km
  • Flag of CroatiaHvar 61°F (16°C) 98 miles 157 km
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Weather Overview for Cavtat

Cavtat (pronounced as thăυtat) is a small Mediterranean coastal town in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County of the recently independent nation of Croatia. Located at the southern Croatian Adriatic coastline, Cavtat is an ideal place for people wanting a mild subtropical Mediterranean climate with long periods of sunshine during summers. Situated in the narrow coastal plain, the small village of Cavtat is a paradise hidden in the shadow of the more renowned city of Dubrovnik.


The generally dry weather in Cavtat and its environs is one of the primary reasons why droves of tourists visit the village. Cavtat is a picturesque village of pastel-coloured structures and buildings.
The climate on this particular part of the Mediterranean Sea is categorised as dry, sub-tropical Mediterranean, and is divided into four seasons. Although the climate is usually dry, people in the region of Cavtat can still experience the occasional wrath of thunderstorms.


The pleasant spring climate in Cavtat usually starts in the month of March. The temperature gradually rises from its winter slumber. At 11°C, the mean daily average temperature is significantly warmer than that of the previous month’s 7°C.
The sea temperature is pegged at 14°C. Sunshine and daytime hours start to be longer by the beginning of the month. Daytime spans 12 hours with up to 5 hours of sunshine.
Rainfall diminishes to 106mm of rainfall with a probability of seeing some rain or drizzle for 13 days within the month. Ultra-violet (UV) radiation is at a moderate level 4.
Humidity and heat discomfort in Cavtat during springtime is non-existent. Wind speed is around 15kph on average, which can last until April when it diminishes to 14kmph on average. However, gustiness reaching the speed of 78kmph has been recorded. The occurrence of fog during spring is very minimal on Cavtat.

The month of April brings an increase in mean daily average temperature at 13.5°C. Tourists arriving at Cavtat during this season will find no heat or humidity discomfort even though the place has a 13 hours of daytime and at least 6 hours of unobstructed sunlight. Sea temperature by April is around 15°C on average. UV, however slightly, increases to a moderate level 5.

The last month of spring starts a dramatic increase in temperature. The daily mean average temperature rises to 17.5°C.
During the month of May, the daytime period further increase to 15 hours with 8 hours of sunshine. Rainfall is at 75mm or 2.95in on average with a moderate humidity of 61 percent.
With precipitation and humidity altogether, the heat and humidity discomfort level is still at zero. The chance of rain or drizzle is only around 10 days monthly on average.
The UV level, however, increases in intensity to level 7, which is a welcome bonus to sunbathers. Seawater temperature is around 18°C on average. The months of May until July are the most favourable months to visit Cavtat.


Summer in the village of Cavtat is marked by a significant increase in humidity and heat discomfort. At an average of around 15 hours of daytime, with an estimated 9 hours of cloudless sunshine, the UV strength reaches a very high level of 8.
Precipitation level drops down to a seasonal average of 19mm, thus limiting the rain formation to an average of 51mm with an estimated probability of rain or drizzle for about 10 days within the month of June.
The moderate temperature at the start of summer month is at a mean daily average of 21.5°C in the month of June. Seawater average temperature is pegged at a soothing 21°C.
Wind speed averages at 14kmph throughout summer, but wind speed up to 52kmph has been recorded in recent years.

During the mid-summer months of July to August, the temperature in and around Cavtat reaches the mean daily average of 24.5°C. People living in Cavtat can experience an average of 9 to 10 hours of unobstructed sunshine within a 15-hour period of daytime.
However, the UV radiation average is very high at level 9 in July, and gradually diminishes to level 8 by August. Due to low precipitation averaging at 20mm daily during July and 15mm during August, along with the low humidity at 52 to 54 percent, the humidity and heat discomfort level is categorised as moderate.
Rainfall measures at 31mm on monthly average, and there is a probability of 5 days with some rain and drizzle throughout the month of July. Furthermore, in the month of August, rainfall gradually increases to 46mm of rain with a probability of merely 3 days of rain or drizzle.


During the month of September, the temperature around Cavtat starts to be milder. Daily mean average temperature gradually decreases from 21.5°C in September to 17° in October and 13.5°C in November.
Daytime period decreases by an hour monthly, from 12 hours in September to 10 daytime hours in November. Sunshine hours during autumn greatly diminish, and by November there is only about 4 hours of unobstructed sunshine.
UV radiation readings, however, decrease along with the humidity and heat comfort level, which stabilise to minimum by the month of October. Precipitation and rainfall increase during this season. Wind speed on average is at about 13kmph throughout the season.


On average, Cavtat has a very mild winter. The daily mean average temperature is around 8°C with a minimum reading of 4°C. Precipitation, on average, is less than that of autumn, but rainfall reaches 176mm, with a probability of seeing rain for 13 days on average.
Fog is minimal in Cavtat, even during winters. And sunshine hours, during winter, are limited to 4 hours daily, even in a 9-hour daytime period.

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