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The weather in Banjul is now 21°C (70°F) and is sunny. The rest of this morning the temperature will rise to 31°C (88°F). This afternoon’s weather in Banjul will be sunny with temperatures rising to 36°C (97°F). This evening’s weather in Banjul will be clear with temperatures falling to 27°C (81°F) and the sun will set at 7:18 pm. Check the forecast page for further information.

Monday 27 March 00:00 GMT | 00:00 UTC+0h
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UK TIME:00:20
Average for March:33 °C
Temp feels like:22 °C
Length of Day:12 hours
Pressure:1012 hPa

Wind Speed:18 MPH WNW

Weather overview for Banjul

Banjul is the capital of The Gambia, a country on the coast of West Africa that is a situated on a long, thin enclave in Senegal. The Gambia is Africa’s smallest country and is almost entirely made up of the floodplain surrounding Gambia River. Banjul sits on an island in the estuary where Gambia River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Banjul’s climate is tropical. There are high temperatures year round that vary very little. The average high temperature is usually between 29°C and 31°C. December and January are the coolest months and have the lowest humidity. Whatever the time of year, air-conditioning is practically a necessity if you are not used to this climate. There are two distinct seasons: the wet season, from June till October, and the dry season from November till May.

DRY SEASON: November – May

The rain recedes as dry weather is blown in from the northeast. It is actually slightly hotter than the wet season but lower humidity makes the heat much more bearable and allows for greater cooling at night. The average high temperature fluctuates around the low 30s; night time lows fall to 18°C in December and to a low of 17°C in January before creeping back up again, staying just under 20°C till May. Rainfall is almost non-existent and the entire country, and a large part of Africa, often passes into a state of drought. Sand or dust storms are most likely between January and May when the land is almost entirely dried out and strong winds whip loose sediment into whirling clouds. However, they can occur at any time if sand is carried over from the Sahara to the northeast. Sandstorms are highly unpleasant: they are incredibly harsh, reduce visibility, can paralyse transport and cause surface damage. The dry season sees plenty of sunshine and the sea temperature falls to a gorgeous 21°C.

The best time to visit Banjul is probably in December. It won’t rain but the land will still be reaping the benefits of the preceding heavy rains. Night time temperatures and humidity levels are slightly reduced. Normally it is advisable to avoid peak tourist times that usually coincide with the best weather, as they do in Banjul and the rest of the Gambia, but tourism has not developed to the point where tourist crowds need to be avoided. However, this is Africa and if you’re not willing to take on a little bit of the extreme then it is not the place for you; Banjul has something to offer at every time of year and more challenging weather conditions may simply add to the experience.

WET SEASON: June - October

The rains are carried in by southwest winds. The overwhelming majority of the annual rainfall occurs in this season. The strength of the rains vary each year, as does their arrival time. It usually starts to fall in late June and gets steadily heavier till rainfall peaks in August and September. Rain falls in intense downpours; the sudden and dramatic increase in rain often sees Gambia River bursting its banks, but on the plus-side the Gambian landscape responds quickly to the much-needed water and turns from dusty red to luscious green. Rainfall also causes a rise in humidity; while average high temperatures never change much, high humidity makes it feel much hotter. It also means less of a drop in temperature at night and this can be unbearable. The average low temperature does not fall below 22°C for the entire season. The rains quickly recede in October and by November it is almost completely dry again.

You can still enjoy plenty of sunshine in the wet season as the rain mostly falls in spectacular evening thunderstorms. Many still decide to holiday in the wet season as there is plenty of good sunny beach weather in the day and the rains are often more refreshing and exciting than inconvenient. The sea temperature rises during this season to a bathwater-like 28°C. This should still feel refreshing against the air temperature that simmers a few degrees above. If you think you can handle the heat then wet season is not something to avoid. Many agree that this is when the Gambia is at its most beautiful.

Other Information

Banjul is very close to the most popular holiday resorts of Gambia: Cape Point, Bakau, Fajara, Kotu and Kololi, where you will find your typical beach holiday. The attraction of Banjul is not just in its proximity to stunning beaches and its tropical weather. Banjul is a capital city where traditional Gambian culture and architecture intertwines with modern city-living, and where new affluence mingles with poverty. It is not a tourist resort but the economic centre of this tiny, fascinating country. The skyline is full of crane arms that tell the story of Banjul’s progress, but the shanty buildings abutting the modern offices speak of the cost of development and the struggle still to come. Most attractive to the tourist are the thriving, colourful markets that sell all manner of African produce, as well as some imported items. Not far from the capital are the wonders of the Gambian wilderness.

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Historical temperatures for 27th March in Banjul

Average High35°C
Record High38°C (2016)
Average Low19°C
Record Low18°C (2015)