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25 Oct

Local Time: 01:31 EEST UK Time: 23:31 BST
NE 1mph
  • Sunrise 06:33
  • Sunset 17:25
  • Moonrise 07:49
  • Moonset 18:33
Temp feels like: 54°F (12°C)
Length of Day: 9h 35m
Humidity: 77 %
Dew Point: 46°F (8°C)
Pressure: 30.04 " (1017 hpa)

Average for October: 61°F (16°C)

  • Sun 26 Oct
    73°F (23°C)
    52°F (11°C)
  • Mon 27 Oct
    72°F (22°C)
    54°F (12°C)
  • Tue 28 Oct
    73°F (23°C)
    52°F (11°C)
  • Wed 29 Oct
    73°F (23°C)
    54°F (12°C)
  • Flag of TurkeyAltinkum 54°F (12°C) 0 miles 0 km
  • Flag of TurkeyBeni 52°F (11°C) 23 miles 37 km
  • Flag of TurkeyKumluk 52°F (11°C) 23 miles 38 km
  • Flag of TurkeyGuri 52°F (11°C) 37 miles 60 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMilo 52°F (11°C) 40 miles 64 km
  • Flag of TurkeyKeru 52°F (11°C) 42 miles 68 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMatmur 52°F (11°C) 53 miles 85 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMohtit 52°F (11°C) 53 miles 86 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMazoran 52°F (11°C) 65 miles 105 km
  • Flag of TurkeyKers 43°F (6°C) 67 miles 108 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMelhemli 43°F (6°C) 69 miles 112 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMilgo 54°F (12°C) 70 miles 112 km
  • Flag of TurkeyKhakh 43°F (6°C) 75 miles 120 km
  • Flag of TurkeyBelek 54°F (12°C) 75 miles 121 km
  • Flag of TurkeyIsabey 48°F (9°C) 75 miles 121 km
  • Flag of TurkeyArakonak 43°F (6°C) 83 miles 134 km
  • Flag of TurkeyMiskan 43°F (6°C) 84 miles 135 km
  • Flag of TurkeyKaya 43°F (6°C) 86 miles 139 km
  • Flag of TurkeyAynali 48°F (9°C) 88 miles 142 km
  • Flag of TurkeyHisonaru 43°F (6°C) 97 miles 156 km
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Weather Overview for Altinkum

Altinkum is a popular beach resort in western Turkey on the Aegean coast. It’s not too far from the larger town of Bodrum, which has an airport. The fantastic beaches and great weather have helped to make the town popular with tourists from all over Europe. It’s also a great place for water sports; the scuba diving in the region is excellent thanks to the crystal clear waters of the Aegean.

Altinkum has a typically Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and mild winters. Being in the southwest of the Mediterranean it is hotter throughout the year than other Mediterranean resorts closer to the United Kingdom.  Average temperatures vary between 6C in winter to 25C in summer. Annual rainfall is just over 700mm, and most of this falls in late autumn and winter. Summers are almost completely dry. The warm surrounding seas help to regulate this excellent climate; the sea temperature varies between 16 and 25C. Altinkum’s mild winters and reliably gorgeous summers, and also the year-round availability of cheap flights and accommodation, have made it one of the UK’s favourite holiday spots. As a result the resort is also experiencing a growth in its expatriate population. The resort has adapted extensively to the tastes of the British crowd.


Summer in Altinkum means hot temperatures and clear blue skies. It is a perfect place to take your beach holiday. July and August are the hottest months with daily highs averaging 28C. Temperatures can frequently climb into the 30s in summer and occasional heat waves can even see the mercury rising up to 40C.

The hot summer weather really begins in June when daily highs are often in the low to mid 20s. Summer weather conditions often last up until early October.

Rainfall is very rare in the summer months: in June, July and August average rainfall is negligible, while September averages only 20mm of rainfall. Average sunshine hours at this time of year are a fantastic 11hrs per day. It doesn’t get too humid here either, with the level generally between 50 and 70%.


Autumn is an excellent time to visit Altinkum; the weather remains excellent for most of the season and it’s a lot quieter than summer in terms of tourist traffic. If you’re not a fan of very hot temperatures then autumn may suit you better than summer – it’s warm without being scorching. Another added bonus is that it’s much quieter than summer and hotels are usually cheaper.

September is summer-like; the average temperature is 20C with highs in the mid 20s. October is very pleasant too and daily highs are often in the 20s. Things are a little cooler by November and the temperature can drop into single figures at night but there are still plenty of warm sunny days in the mid teens.

Rainfall is low in early autumn; September averages just 20mm and October 40mm, but in November wetter weather arrives. November to January is the wettest period of the year; about 65% of the annual rainfall occurs in these 3 months.


Winters are cool in Altinkum but because it’s by the coast it rarely gets as cold as it can do further inland in Turkey. Average temperature drops to its lowest of 6C in January and February. Lows often fall to 1 or 2C but rarely fall below freezing. Highs in the winter months can creep up towards 10C.

December and January are the wettest months of the year with around 170mm average rainfall. These months average 13 to 14 days of rainfall per month.


Spring is a great time to visit to visit Altinkum. As in autumn, temperatures are warm without being scorching hot, there’s plenty of sunshine and fewer tourists.

Early spring is still a little cool; lows in March average 4C but daily highs begin to climb into the low teens as the cool winter weather quickly gives way. March can still see some rain but the monthly average is only around 50mm.

April and May are warm and dry. April enjoys highs in the mid teens and lots of sunny days and by May it really feels as though summer has begun as daily highs creep into the 20s there’s an average of 9 sunshine hours per day.

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